Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ’s About Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We use it in place of any vegetable oils as a healthier and tastier alternative. We often use it in place of or with butter when cooking with a skillet. Of course, we use it on salads because of the superior taste and we also serve it with bread in place of butter due to the superior taste and health benefits. There are literally thousands of recipes that call for olive oil and many more where olive oil can be substituted for a less healthy and less tasty vegetable oil.

Most importantly you should give our olive oil the taste test. Compare it to store-bought bulk olive oils and other premium extra virgin olive oils produced in Italy, Spain, or elsewhere. Our olive oil has a delicate green fresh taste with a slightly peppery finish which is one of the hallmarks of a truly good olive oil.

Showa Farm Olive Oil is certified as organic. It is all produced from our trees on a biodiverse farm using pure well water for irrigation and without harmful chemicals or non-organic fertilizers. We are environmentally friendly using solar power throughout the farm, with farm animals who are fed organic feed. We don’t add anything to the olive oil so it is 100% pure extra virgin olive oil unlike some other oils that have been shown to contain grapeseed oil or other non-olive oils. This means that the positive health attributes of our high polyphenol count olive oil are plentiful.

Many high volume, bulk olive oils are of lower quality with less taste, lower polyphenol counts, and aren’t organic. Some are not even real olive oil. Because of California’s strict labeling rules you can be assured that Showa Farm olive oil is 100% grown on our estate, is truly made from the Arbequina olive varietal, is organically grown and milled and bottled, and is truly “extra virgin.”

Showa Farm is a family farm with the owners and farmworkers all living on site. We take pride in the quality of our only product – extra virgin, organic olive oil which has repeated been listed as one of the top 100 olive oils in the world (New York International Olive Oil Competition). We are strong supporters of our rural community and are active in local non-profit volunteerism.

A Showa koi fish with white body, red splotches and smaller black markings as seen from above, swimming above a blue background. Visible are two eyes, a transluscent fin on each side, a wavy dorsal fin and small tail fin.

Before we moved to California and built Showa Farm from raw undeveloped land that had laid fallow for centuries, we raised Japanese koi fish in Virginia. Our favorite varietal of koi was the Showa Koi because of its beautiful colors. When we were building the farm, we decided we wanted to combine olive farming with raising Japanese koi. We have plans to build a 30,000-gallon koi pond near the olive orchard for us and for visitors to enjoy. Thus, the name and our logo.

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