Organic, Award-Winning, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Located in the heart of wine country, beautiful Alexander Valley, you can find us in Northern Sonoma County.  Showa Farm is a family-owned business.  We use best practices in farming our olives based on biodynamic and organic principles.   100% of our electric usage comes from our solar panels and our water is all-natural aquifer well water administered to the orchard using drip irrigation.

Because we like the unique flavor of premium gourmet olive oil we limit our olive production to a single varietal, Arbequina.  All of our olives are estate grown.  To create a biodiverse environment we house goats, chickens, burros, horses, feral cats and dogs.  We grow fruit and nut trees as well as vegetables to add to the diversity.  All vegetable and fruit waste is recycled as animal feed. 

Olives are grown without pesticides and fungicides and are carefully hand-picked to avoid any damage to the fruit.   They are pressed in an organic facility the same day as harvest to insure freshness and the highest quality olive oil.  Our Arbequina olives are harvested early, though this reduces the volume of oil, to produce a unique grassy taste with a peppery finish and maximum polyphenols for health. 

Our grandchildren help to fill buckets with green olives ready to be pressed into extra virgin olive oil.
Grandchildren Helping at Harvest Time